The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget

Project number: WND-RPLD-03.03.00-00-036/11
Project title: Acquisition of fixed assets necessary to conduct R&D works at Wagran Sp. z o.o.
Beneficiary: Wagran Sp. z o.o.
Regional Operational Programme for Łódzkie voivodeship for the years 2007–2013
Priority axis 3: Economy, innovativeness, entrepreneurship
Measure 3.3 Development of R&D in enterprises

Within this project, Wagran plans to expand its Research & Development Department through acquisition of fixed assets for conducting R&D research. Acquisition of modern laboratory equipment will enable to conduct a range of research and R&D tests.

Laboratory equipment will enable among others to conduct research on thermal shock, hardness tests, quartz sand colour tests, settling velocity of grain in composite, abrasion or moisture level tests. The assumed results of tests conducted in the expanded R&D Department include increased efficiency of the processes, decreased energy and material consumption and improved quality and usability parameters for the kitchen sinks produced on the site, aimed at introducing new or significantly improved products on the market.

The acquired R&D equipment will enable to perfect both the technology of production as well as to introduce innovative products to the company’s range of products. This acquisition will enable optimisation of production and material process together with processes refining Wagran kitchen sinks manufactured at the site.

Implementation of the project will enable Wagran to conduct research and development works, including tests and analyses of various types of products for external entities. The project results assume establishing cooperation with distributors of a wide range of kitchen and bathroom accessories, who will be able to commission research and development works including, among others, quality assessment and endurance tests of other products included in their offer.
Acquisition of new intangible assets to conduct research and development works and expansion of the R&D department of the company will provide the optimisation and development of innovative kitchen sink production technologies as well as introduction of new, innovative products on the market.

The aim of this research project is to develop a method for kitchen sink production which enables adding nanoparticles of metals like silver and copper, which have proven biocidal function. The project assumes that products resulting from this production method will exhibit antiseptic properties to bacteria, viruses, fungus or moulds.

Total project cost: PLN 439,725.00
Eligible project cost: PLN 357,500.00
Total ERDF funding: PLN 107,250.00

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