Priority axis 4: Investments in innovative undertakings

The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Total project cost: PLN 12,719,001.85
Total eligible cost: PLN 10,560,822.16
Co-financing amount: PLN 7,392,575.50 (including ERDF funds: PLN 6,283,689.17)

In April 2011, Wagran Sp. z o.o. completed the execution of the project under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 4.4. “Implementation of the results of R&D works leading to the manufacture of a new product”. The project will result in diversification of the Company’s business and introduction of innovative granite kitchen sinks of unparalleled strength to the market. The company undertakes activities aimed at expanding its operation and contributing to the introduction of significantly improved products on the market. The aim of the project was construction of a new production site and equipping it with modern machines and devices designed according to the company’s specifications. The construction of a new factory enabled the company to implement the results of research and development works carried out by employed specialists to the production process. The previous WAGRAN operations were focussed on activities related to the development of an optimal mixture and technology of granite kitchen sink manufacturing while using a new range of raw materials. Innovative technology, implemented at the newly established factory is based on applying a unique mixture of components, a modified production cycle with the application of closed moulds method that use devices specifically designed by the company’s employees. The result of the project is market launch of new granite kitchen sinks that were significantly improved both in terms of mechanical strength and resistance to chemical substances.

Construction of the production site contributes not only to the implementation of a new generation of granite kitchen sinks, but enables to conduct further works aimed at developing innovative production methods as well.

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