On 14 August 2017, at the MOLO Conference Center in Smardziewice at the Sulejowski Reservoir, held was a plein-air picnic marking Wargan’s 10th anniversary. The picnic was attended by all our workers, along with their families.

The picnic schedule was abundant with all sorts of attractions, contests, and competition shows run by the host for the kids.

The picnic was opened and closed witha Contest of Knowledge About the Company.The contestants had to present their great knowledge about the company of the last 10 years. Partaking in the contest, our workers did splendidly, almost always giving correct answers to objectively not-so-easy questions. The winners of the contest received attractive prizes.

All the picnic, participants eagerly partook in funny competitions such: Tug-of-War, leaping on a ball, multi-person pants, mega volleyball, and folk pins. Every winning team won the main prize of the cempetition, and the rest of the competitors received consolation prizes.

In between the competition rounds and other attractions, everyone could refresh at the table with plenty of food and beverages.

And the kids did not need any breathers! There were many inflated attractions, face painting as well as colorful balloons and bubbles all around. Many kids also enjoyed the ride on a little horse.It was a wonderful and colorful picnic :).

At the closing of the picnic, the performers of the Wrocław Theater gave a plein-air fairy tale show entitled “Piecus’ Tales”.

It was a wonderful day, a beautiful weather, but most of all a key time for playing together and making bonds between our workers.

We warmly thank all the participants to the picnic for the fun time we had together.

Photo Gallery of the Event


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