On the occasion of Child’s Day held on 05.28.2017, we arranged for a picnic for the kids. The weather on that special day was good, and crowds of our workers with their children came to the Ropes Course at the Pilica river.

There were many attractions to choose from for the Picnic participants. The fearless ones could go for climbing routes of a varied degree of difficulty, while the kids had their active fun time at the inflated slides, trampolines, gocarts, and many other that were just too many to name. The picnic couldn’t go without the face painting attraction.

There was a myriad of games and contests available at the Picnic, and we have foreseen material prizes for those doing best, such as movie tickets. What mattered most, though, was good fun.

Arranged were also refreshments. We couldn’t miss sweet and salted snacks, but also beverages.

The Ropes Course was full of joy and good fun.

Below you can find a photo gallery of the picnic


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