Modern production plant

In 2010, a new production plant with an area of 5,000 square meters was built, with its own laboratory used to control the production process and new product implementation.

Today, the company’s main operation is the production of sinks. However, with the company’s investment projects which are to follow, its product range is to be expanded with decorative radiators, bathroom sinks and shower trays, which are also to be exported.

Therefore, in 2017, the company started the further expansion of the production plant to build additional storage and production facilities, as well as a state-of-the-art laboratory that would allow the company to expand its range and create top-notch products.

After the expansion, the total area of ​​the plant is nearly 13,000 square meters.

Currently, more than 120 different models of sinks are produced there for both domestic and foreign customers. Wagran’s products are offered under the Granmaster brand name, which is a top quality guarantee.

Our history

  • 2007

    Company formation
  • 2007 – 2008

    Research & development works
  • 2008

    Manufacturing of the first granite kitchen sink
  • 2009

    Funding from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme
  • 2009

    Commencement of investment – construction of a modern production plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki
  • 2010

    Opening of the new production plant
  • 2012

    100,000 kitchen sinks manufactured
  • 2012

    Establishing of a research & development department and opening of a modern laboratory
  • 2013

    Implementation of modern information system of MRP class
  • 2014

    Approval to expand production site
  • 2015

    Receive the “Business Gazelle Award 2015”
  • 2016

    Receive the “Business Gazelle Award 2016”
  • 2016

    Receive the “business fair play award 2016”
  • 2017

    Expansion of the plant